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Hi, I am Sifu Tim White, Director of the Molum Combat Arts Assocation and Police Services International. I want to extend a warm welcome to all those that come to visit this site. Molum Combat Arts is a combination of Chinese Gung Fu and Aiki-justu. We have grown as an organization over the past several years and we are continuing to grow in both knowledge and friends across an international spectrum of martial arts.  Molum Combat Arts really has three components. The first component is that of the Martial Arts. The second component is that of the MLCA Honor Society and the third component is that of Police Services International

 Each component provides some type of support to the Molum Pai Gung Fu Schools, the Law Enforcement community and our International Colleages.

The Molum Combat Arts Association was formed to bring all the MLCA Schools under one unbrella for promotions, training outlines and consistancy in what is taught to our students.

The MLCA Honor Society was formed to honor those that excelled in teaching, competition, and much more than that, loyalty to the organization and to the systems fo the MLCA program.  The Honor Society is filled with members of the International Martial Arts Community as well as the our own local students.

 Police Services International is the training business within MLCAA. I provide accredited law enforcement training in various areas of use of force, defensive tactics, impact weapons, chemical sprays, and the National Incident Management System.

I would like to make the following announcement that Si Tai Gung Tim White (Soke), Shihan Tim White II and Shihan Patrick White were all published in the 2019 Action Martial Arts Magazine Who's Who in martial arts.  I would like to personally thank GM Joe Corley and Hanshi Jesse Bowen for their nominations.


Kiru-Do Association and MLCAA Merger

Effective July 7, 2013, The Kiru-Do Association and MLCAA have merged our resources. GM Wes Ruiz and I have agreed to pool resources for testings, gathering, and the MLCA Honor Society. This merger comes as a mutual agreement and not a monetary one. We have agree that his certificates will bear the MLCAA logo on them, and be recognized by both organization.  The merger will also include the use of the Kyu/Dan and Menkyo/Shogo ranking systems.

I want to take this opportunity to welcome all the Kiru-Do members it MLCAA. We hope you enjoy working with us.

The Meger will Rename the Association a bit, It is Now Molom Combat Arts and Kiru-Do Association

Tim White
10th Dan
Director MLCAA

I would like to make the following annoucement:

Hanshi Wes Ruiz and I were Promoted by Cobra Martial Arts to the Rank of 10th Dan.
These ranks take affect February 27, 2018.

MLCAA Malaysia Representative

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Sabunim Benny Teh to the MLCAA Family. He has accepted the position as the Malaysian Representative to MLCAA.  Welcome aboard and we hope that we can be supportive to you and your students.

Sifu Tim White

MLCAA Director




Dedication to Shihan John "Sugar Bear" Parrish

MLCAA would like to honor Shihan John "Sugar Bear" Parrish. A man who was dedicated to Martial Arts.  He was an Honest and Hard Working Martial Artist as well.  I thought of Sugar Bear as a friend. He was open minded. He cared for others and he was one of the toughest men I knew in the 70's and 80's.  Shihan you will be missed. Sugar Bear was also a member of the MLCAA Honor Society.  On behalf of the MLCAA Honor Society our prayers are with your family.


Sifu Tim White

MLCA History

Molum Combat Arts News: About Shihan White: Shihan Tim White started his Martial Arts Journey while he was in the military at the age of 17. He started with Master Wesley Quinois Ruiz. He studied with Mr. Ruiz for 2yrs until Mr. Ruiz departed for his home in New York. Shihan White then studied Tae Kwon Do for 1 year at the his military base in Germany achieving the rank of Red Belt. Upon his arrival home Shihan White met Grandmaster Felix Wong. Master Wong was Mr. Whites instructor or over 10 years in the Molum System, and he has attained the rank of Master Instructor. Master Wong lives in Maryland now, and is still a mentor to Shihan White. In 1979, Shihan White met Shihan, 9th Dan Dan O'Nan. From 1979 to 1984, Mr. White also studied Okkuky-Ryu Jujutsu with Shihan O'Nan. During this time frame he created a system call Keisatsu Jujutsu. It developed to teach police and corrections officers a practical self-defense system they could use within their force continuum. Shihan White is very active in the Molum System and Keisatsu Jujutsu. In 1981, Mr. White went back into active military service ending a 23 year career in 1995. Mr. White is also a certified Police Defense Tactics Instructor, and he is an authorized training provider for the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board.

Molum Kung Fu Family Tree:

Grandmaster Si Jo Felix Wong (Deceased)
Sr. Si-Tai Gung Myron Fitch
Sr. Si-Tai Gung White
Si Tai Gung Mark Driver (Deceased)
Si Tai Gung Rob Bohlsen


Master Tim White
Kyoshi Vic Bulter/Alabama
Renshi Master Mike McElwain/Indiana
Colin Wee, Shihan, JDK
Sensei Harry Furrer
Sifu Steve Coley
Shihan Pat White
Sigung Steve Nasalle
Shihan Tim White II
Shihan  Mike Cruze
Sensei Tony Nasalle

Sifu David Driver jr.

Sibak Donte Powell

Sensei Billy Ward


Shihan Colin Wee/Australia MLCAA Director

Shihan Grant McMaster/United Kingdom

Sensei Ray Pullman/United Kingdom  

Renshi Keith Baily/Crete

Sabumin Garth Barnard/UK

I would like to welcome Master Hussain Bukhsh of the Pakastan Police as an Affiliate member of MLCA.

Special Announcement


I would like to take this opportunity to announce the MLCAA Promotion of Shihan Colin Wee to the rank of 6th Dan. Shihan Wee has been a great support for MLCAA and IAOMAS for many years and has promoted the MLCAA where ever he goes. Colin is a good friend and we have had the opporunity to train together in the past and I am greatful to have a supporter and a friend in Shihan Colin Wee has accepted to take on the Role of World Coordinator for IAOMAS. This organization is dedicated to the Martial Arts Student networking and growth in the Martial arts. MLCAA is proud to be part of IAOMAS and you should consider it as well.


                                  Si Tai Gung White




I would like to make the following announcement.
Sifu Patrick White is promoted to 6th Dan MLCAA
Sensei Mike Cruze is promoted to 6th Dan MLCAA
Sensei Mark Kreuzman is Promoted to 6th Dan MLCAA

SiJe Virginia Driver's School is now a MLCAA Member
SiJe Veronica Schall's School is now a MLCAA Member.
Sifu Donte Powell's School is now a Member of MLCAA


Special Announcement: I would like to announce that Shihan Grant McMasters is hereby promoted to the Rank of Rokyudan, with all the rights and privileges thereof.

Special Announcement: I would like to welcome GM Bill Kelley of Pittsburg, PA. as a Member of MLCAA and a School Affiliate.

Please Welcome him on our Face Book Page.





Lifetime Membership:

The Molum Combat Arts Association is now conducting an open Membership Drive. MLCAA is open to anyone who applies.  You may apply for a Lifetime membership to MLCAA.

Cost to you: $75.00

  • Benefits: Discounts on Promotion Fees, $5.00 discount on all Sr. Green Belt and below, $10.00 on all Brown Be lt Fees, and $25.00 on all Black Belt Fees up to 3rd Dan. 4th Dan and above 15% discount on fees.
  • Discounts on Events held by MLCAA
  • Military Combatives Instructors can be evaluated for Martial Arts ranks (must have Combatives Certificate for validation) For Free. Promotion Fees may apply.
  • Members will received ID Card, Certificate of Membership, and an Association Patch.
  • Payments must be made by check or money order.  Paypal is available if you wish. Contact Sifu White prior to using paypal.

MLCAA is open to all Martial Artists and Systems. Promotion tests are done in person. Rank Recognition is available, You must have a current Rank certificate for this benefit.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery depending on address and location.

Application will be at the Documents page of this site.



If you are interested in the Martial Arts or Self Defense, just right click and print the card and bring it to the school. I will be honored by all our instructors.



PKC International Tourny Grand Championship

  Billy Ward Takes the PKC International Champion Self Defense Division with this demo.